Wednesday, 16 July 2008

they're sooooooooooooo similar

it's true, we all love christopher kane. & i definitely love Ricardo Tisci. funny how much this Givenchy couture looks like this Fall 08 Kane look though hmmm? Maybe that's why we loved the new Tisci Couture show so much. hmmmmm

what's a better question is how are garments like the one above considered pret-a-porter while the one below is haute couture? is there much of difference anymore these days...besides the price?!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Misplaced gondolier

This thick, charming lad from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2009 collection is so...

A venetian gondolier who recently attended a polynesian luau

Friday, 11 July 2008


we're sooooo chic.

Givenchy...easily the best collection of Paris Couture Week

Power Puff Girls

They're so Charlie's Angels

Sasha is clearly the brainstormer. (from the Gucci Resort post party in Rome)

This entry from one of our other favorite blogs, the Imagist, resonated with the power of a 'super' face.

Hiss Hiss...By September shows in NY, a good half dozen of all those CK Jeans/ Hugo Boss/ Armani blue chip faces will have switched agencies. Its like we said at MDC..there seems to be a huge reset going on in the industry these days...And it looks like that July Vogue extravaganza is starting to have an ad impact already. A Very Important Hisser told me today certain clients have instructed our spy to be more "inclusive" in their future ad castings. Very 90's multi-cultural no?

It's amazing that despite being summer, things can feel so gloomy. With the economy at a stand still will things get more and more selective or just doomed? Both probably.
It seems everyone involved in a fashion institution, Parsons, Ford, etc is dealing with not only the repercussions of "fashionable" reality television (producing swarms of wannabes) but with the pessimistic American climate.

C'est la vie
Anyone looking for some inspiration should see the Met's Superhero exhibition or better yet BATMAN. ...or even better People & Parties via

Super-bone structure is the superpower these three have for supermodel status...if only they could save the world.