Monday, 29 October 2007

they're SO desparate!

whether it's intentional or not, coach and macy's are aggressively using myspace spam as publicity. whatever PR agent told them myspace is where the 'lost' customer is located, they were right, we're tired of looking at that garbage.

if we're in the need for bridge clothing, you can find us in the next zara for some truely 'that's so' looks, thanks!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

this is halloween

trick or treating lends itself perfectly for those kooky runway looks you and your friends wish you could dawn on a daily basis, luckily these are not your friends.

Remember two years ago how many kate moss's there were post tabloid video, we're predicting that maybe this year Ricard Prince Louis Vuitton nurses will be all the rage alongside Disney paraphanalia, trends seen on the Comme des Garcons and Jeremy Scott runways within the past year. For those who know better, Kate Moss is not a costume, but a lifestyle, and one that I strongly prescribe for our trick or treaters above.

Friday, 26 October 2007

les jolies fleurs

We started living our favorite trend from the s/s 08 season some time ago in hallucinogenic heavens. It looks like this woman has been living it her whole life as well, keeping those Hanna Anderson jersey dresses around for as long as possible.

She's so psychedelic. So Marc Jacobs s/s 08!

They're so new and you're so addicted

Despite their lack of knowledge, That woman sitting in the restaraunt and your dental hygenist often trigger your mind to your favorite jill sander collection of 2004. The legion of uber stylish grannies, the uniformed, the "un informed" often prompt you to say.... THIER SO... Balenciaga. Mary's rocking the johdpur.. she is so balenciaga.

They're soo uncontrived, they're so current, they couldnt give a fuck.

Friends Paris