Wednesday, 16 July 2008

they're sooooooooooooo similar

it's true, we all love christopher kane. & i definitely love Ricardo Tisci. funny how much this Givenchy couture looks like this Fall 08 Kane look though hmmm? Maybe that's why we loved the new Tisci Couture show so much. hmmmmm

what's a better question is how are garments like the one above considered pret-a-porter while the one below is haute couture? is there much of difference anymore these days...besides the price?!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Misplaced gondolier

This thick, charming lad from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2009 collection is so...

A venetian gondolier who recently attended a polynesian luau

Friday, 11 July 2008


we're sooooo chic.

Givenchy...easily the best collection of Paris Couture Week

Power Puff Girls

They're so Charlie's Angels

Sasha is clearly the brainstormer. (from the Gucci Resort post party in Rome)

This entry from one of our other favorite blogs, the Imagist, resonated with the power of a 'super' face.

Hiss Hiss...By September shows in NY, a good half dozen of all those CK Jeans/ Hugo Boss/ Armani blue chip faces will have switched agencies. Its like we said at MDC..there seems to be a huge reset going on in the industry these days...And it looks like that July Vogue extravaganza is starting to have an ad impact already. A Very Important Hisser told me today certain clients have instructed our spy to be more "inclusive" in their future ad castings. Very 90's multi-cultural no?

It's amazing that despite being summer, things can feel so gloomy. With the economy at a stand still will things get more and more selective or just doomed? Both probably.
It seems everyone involved in a fashion institution, Parsons, Ford, etc is dealing with not only the repercussions of "fashionable" reality television (producing swarms of wannabes) but with the pessimistic American climate.

C'est la vie
Anyone looking for some inspiration should see the Met's Superhero exhibition or better yet BATMAN. ...or even better People & Parties via

Super-bone structure is the superpower these three have for supermodel status...if only they could save the world.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

they're so...speedy

New on this week are Balenciaga, Proenza, Nina Ricci, and others for pre-fall. The mens shows have just arrived to Paris, as has couture week. It's no wonder magazines have positions like spirits/mens accessories/electronic editors. All of this over-lapping is too much, not to mention New York fashion week is just around the corner. Haven't things always been at this pace though? I guess Candy Pratts Price has made it her mission to give understanding to the general public why there are clothes in stores, that aren't on the runway. I feel like things such as pre-fall and resort looks are secrets that should only be accessible to those who truly love the schemes of fashion, but who can keep a secret in this city anyway?

A Highlight from this week's Pre-fall.
Is pre-fall to visualize the logic from spring to now or is it the business version of resort?

Monday, 31 December 2007

they're so psychedelic

as you can see, catchy slogans are catching our eyes just as much as bizarros on the street. this one comes from the hotel I just booked in Amsterdam. Let's hope the experience is straight out of Prada s.s 08.

Here's the new campaign! looks like muicca is seeing more than double.


Tuesday, 25 December 2007

cyborg platform prosthetic

This was a tricky shot to get, not only was it taken on the London underground, but our banter of fashion allusions was not lost in the translation of French vocabulary, or lack of caring. However, this complex foot ornament reminded me of a Balenciaga cyborg platform Pierre Hardy collaboration. Turns out it was a prosthetic, a morbidly 'chic' reference, but could you think of a better team for the job? Wouldn't you choose Balenciaga as a permanent part of you too? or is that already passe?

Sunday, 23 December 2007

they're so...sillly

Viktor and Rolf, why would you reference Karen Carpenter when Silly Symphony is so on point! This still from a Disney short is just as bizarre as the latest show, and its spotting was just as significant as a homeless man in a transparent plastic bag hat or splatter painted jumper. V&R you're just so silly. Let's get high and watch youtube.

they're so M.I.A.

We're BACK

Sunday, 11 November 2007


scarry jerry

does this really need much more explination?
Oxford Circus-London /// Balenciaga Homme s/s 08 - a/w 07 /// YSL s/s 08

Friday, 9 November 2007

High School Charm

they're so...

yes, we're talking about GOSSIP GIRL. we're addicted and i can't think of a better drug that combines our favorite things. being cunty, thin limbs, kooky [enough] outfits, truth or dare, sexy feeling, being cunty, and new york nostalgia.

sexy uniforms

sexy harry potter

sexy masks

the best part is that it's generally real, with some 20something year olds back in Junior year, I'm so jealous.

[Thursday mornings on itunes]

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

just jammin

They're so..

Like really into house music. Much like that first joint as a pre pubescent teen, you say " I dont think thats for me", next thing you hooked. You go home and hype machine all the electro your able to find to sway yourself into a trance.


New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (over)

Adam K and Soha - Twighlight .

ethnic charm

This vendor from London's Notting Hill's Portobello Market is totally channelling Balenciaga Fall 07. Having a western upbringing I strongly associate turquoise to a lifelong committment of dreamcatchers and prickly pears, but this Londoner, an ocean away from the Native American flair of Northern Idaho, stays in tune with the trends that just arrived at stores worldwide. Watch out though friend, your fashionable coincidence will soon be over and spring summer will be in by Christmas, and you will need a new mascara colour.

Monday, 29 October 2007

they're SO desparate!

whether it's intentional or not, coach and macy's are aggressively using myspace spam as publicity. whatever PR agent told them myspace is where the 'lost' customer is located, they were right, we're tired of looking at that garbage.

if we're in the need for bridge clothing, you can find us in the next zara for some truely 'that's so' looks, thanks!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

this is halloween

trick or treating lends itself perfectly for those kooky runway looks you and your friends wish you could dawn on a daily basis, luckily these are not your friends.

Remember two years ago how many kate moss's there were post tabloid video, we're predicting that maybe this year Ricard Prince Louis Vuitton nurses will be all the rage alongside Disney paraphanalia, trends seen on the Comme des Garcons and Jeremy Scott runways within the past year. For those who know better, Kate Moss is not a costume, but a lifestyle, and one that I strongly prescribe for our trick or treaters above.

Friday, 26 October 2007

les jolies fleurs

We started living our favorite trend from the s/s 08 season some time ago in hallucinogenic heavens. It looks like this woman has been living it her whole life as well, keeping those Hanna Anderson jersey dresses around for as long as possible.

She's so psychedelic. So Marc Jacobs s/s 08!

They're so new and you're so addicted

Despite their lack of knowledge, That woman sitting in the restaraunt and your dental hygenist often trigger your mind to your favorite jill sander collection of 2004. The legion of uber stylish grannies, the uniformed, the "un informed" often prompt you to say.... THIER SO... Balenciaga. Mary's rocking the johdpur.. she is so balenciaga.

They're soo uncontrived, they're so current, they couldnt give a fuck.

Friends Paris