Sunday, 20 January 2008

they're so...speedy

New on this week are Balenciaga, Proenza, Nina Ricci, and others for pre-fall. The mens shows have just arrived to Paris, as has couture week. It's no wonder magazines have positions like spirits/mens accessories/electronic editors. All of this over-lapping is too much, not to mention New York fashion week is just around the corner. Haven't things always been at this pace though? I guess Candy Pratts Price has made it her mission to give understanding to the general public why there are clothes in stores, that aren't on the runway. I feel like things such as pre-fall and resort looks are secrets that should only be accessible to those who truly love the schemes of fashion, but who can keep a secret in this city anyway?

A Highlight from this week's Pre-fall.
Is pre-fall to visualize the logic from spring to now or is it the business version of resort?

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