Friday, 9 November 2007

High School Charm

they're so...

yes, we're talking about GOSSIP GIRL. we're addicted and i can't think of a better drug that combines our favorite things. being cunty, thin limbs, kooky [enough] outfits, truth or dare, sexy feeling, being cunty, and new york nostalgia.

sexy uniforms

sexy harry potter

sexy masks

the best part is that it's generally real, with some 20something year olds back in Junior year, I'm so jealous.

[Thursday mornings on itunes]


GY said...
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Anonymous said...

Ms Vanderwoosen has been reincarnated as Tinsely Mortimer, promoting her handbags on

rodney u. said...

I need to watch more, and I want to visually critique everyone while we watchit.